Q: What is your pricing?

A: Pricing Options will be sent to you after we chat about what you are looking to get made, but here are some starting prices for single subject projects*:

Black & White Drawings start at $325
B&W Drawings with a “pop” of color start at $375
Watercolor/Gouache Paintings start at $550
Oil Paintings - Please inquire, prices vary.

Additional fees are applied for multiple subjects, special requests, hand lettering or graphic design work.

*Houses and Architectural Portraits begin at $75 higher than each listed item.

Discounts are applied to orders of more than one piece.

Q: How can I obtain a more in depth quote?

A: Go ahead and send me 3 -5 photographs you could imagine turning into art. If your heart is set on just one photo, I can usually work with that but I prefer multiple photos to choose from. I’ll then send you a list of pricing options to choose from, send you a service agreement and away we go. To begin the process, please feel free to contact me.

Q: What size pieces do you offer?

A: For Drawings or Watercolor/Gouache, standard sizes start at 9”x12”. I can create something smaller, but pricing will remain at that level.

For Oil Paintings, it depends on the type of photo, but often those must start at a minimum of 11”x14” in order to accommodate detail. 

Paper sizes at 14”x20” and above might vary plus or minus one inch.

After that, I can go as large as you like.

Q: What sort of photo works best?

A: What makes for an amazing photo doesn’t necessarily translate into the best portrait. Here are some guidelines:

For Portraits of People/Kids: Candid, natural moments work best. Counterintuitively, not looking directly into camera and not smiling is actually ideal (I swear I’m not a curmudgeon, this is just based on experience). THAT BEING SAID: These tips are by NO MEANS a deal-breaker. Of COURSE if your heart is set on a smiley, direct-to-cam shot, then that’s what we’ll go with, but I want to be transparent about what works best.

Also, highest resolution possible is ideal (again though, not a deal breaker).

For Pets: All of the above asks are out the window! Just about any pic of your pet will do.

For Houses: Try to get the whole house in the photo if you can, but I can often work with it if it’s not quite perfect.

Q: How long does the whole process take?
What does the process entail?

A: For an in-depth look at the process from start to finish, click here.