Custom Art

Art Made Especially For You.

Custom artwork is one of the most lasting and personal gifts you can offer yourself or your loved one.  Whether it's a gift for the holidays, celebrating a new life, a wedding, birthday, anniversary, Mother's Day, Father's Day, a way to remember or revere a loved one, or just because, any and every occasion is a great reason to get art.  You are investing in a family heirloom: something that will be in your or your loved one's lives, forever.  You children, even your great grandchildren will have the chance to look at it someday and connect with a special part of who you are.  And the best part is, you can never have too much art!  Repeat customers have enjoyed multiple portraits of their nearest and dearest.

How It Works:

I work with you one on one to discuss what type of piece you would like me to create for you.  This can range from a small, simple sketch to a large scale oil painting or mixed media project.  For custom pieces, I generally work from photographs.  You send me three to five photographs you can imagine turning into artwork, and then I choose which photograph I think would translate best into a finished piece.  After we discuss the scale and intended medium, I will provide you with a quote.  Then we draw up a contract, a down payment is placed, and then the work begins!  I am happy to accommodate special requests and welcome your creative vision, but I work equally well with free rein.  Although I often do portraits of children and families, I am happy to work on any subject.

If you are local to NYC, I am happy to work from a live model for your portrait (model must be 18 or older or with parental supervision and/or consent).

To begin the process, contact me.


My art work is available for purchase.  Please contact me for further details on any piece you are interested in. 

Workshops, Classes and Coaching


Intro to Drawing Class beginning this fall, offered at the Brooklyn Workshop Gallery.

Drawing functions on principles similar to meditation. Traditional meditation practice involves noticing one's mind wandering and then returning to the breath. Over the course of 6 weeks, we will explore fundamental relationships in the physical world, noticing how we tend to "name" objects we see, and instead returning our attention to the fundamental questions. Both Drawing and Meditation are practices which lead to the active dissolution of the ego to connect with the world as it is.

Open to all levels and backgrounds, this course is especially designed for those who believe they lack any talent or skill in order to draw, and seeks to debunk the toxic mythology of the notion of "talent."

Students will begin each class with a warm up led by the instructor, a brief presentation or discussion exploring fundamental principles of shape/shape and later light/dark, followed by implementation of these ideas through the practice of drawing. We will draw still life at first, and eventually models. All materials will be provided by the Workshop Gallery Artists Foundation at Brooklyn Workshop Gallery, with an open studio made available to students up to two hours before each class.

The course will last six weeks, beginning Wednesday, September 20th.

Wednesdays 7PM - 9PM
Sept 20, 27
Oct 4, 11, 18 and 25
Open Studio Sessions (optional) 5PM - 7PM

Workshop Gallery Artists Foundation
Brooklyn Workshop Gallery
393 Hoyt St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

2 Blocks from the CARROLL ST F/G

Tuition: $270 (this includes materials and open studio hours 2 hours before each class).

Please contact Martine Bisagni at:
(718) 797-9428 or
to enroll or if you have any questions.